Let's Talk Tattoo Care and CBD

As exciting as a new tattoo can be, we know there are a lot of do’s and don’ts that go into properly caring for them pre & post application. Taking good care of your client during and after the process is imperative for the client and ultimately your business. As the artist, most clients look to you for your guidance for the art that you have been commissioned to accomplish.

On aftercare, mosts artists agree with the L.I.T.H.A. aftercare system……….. “LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE!”

Like that actually happens, right?

All that said, you have read about the  the HEMPTATTY product line and how CBD is revolutionizing the the way we are dealing with pain and inflammation. How can Hemptatty help in your studio?

With  the input of local & in-demand artists, we have created a topical system that will help you stand out in a crowd and leave your clients raving about their new  & old ink. What is better than a kick-ass tattoo product?

An amazing, all natural, care system that that has been seen to reduce pain, inflammation, crusting and the chance for infection, plus aid in faster healing. All working with the remarkable properties of hemp based CBD.

There are other CBD based tattoo ointments on the market but CUBED Naturals is the first to have a full product line from the cleaning, into the application, through recovery and then long term care. As you can seen we even thought of a small kit for your client to take home and L.I.T.H.A.

We have a very aggressive wholesale program  to help you stay on trend while adding to your bottom line.

We Would Love To Talk!

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