Introducing an All Natural Topical System, Designed by Artists, To Harness the Healing Power of CBD. 

Our Complete System Takes the Artist and Your Tattoo from Application to Aftercare.

Start The Healing Process Right!



Traditional aftercare protection for new a new tattoo has been the application of a cream or gel over the ink. Most times these products are administered from a common tin or jar that has been used on others, plus may have been open and shut in a suspect environment. This could possibly lead to contamination that could be transferred to your new ink.

The new trend is to use a spray protectant that not only seals the art but includes an antiseptic to prevent infection and encourage wound healing.

Enter the exciting new world of CBD, the medical side of the hemp plant.

Known for its tremendous anti-inflammatory and pain reduction properties, CBD is also an effective antiseptic and encourages fast wound healing. CBD based tattoo products have been seen to reduce healing time by almost half and without the itching and crusting associated with the healing process.

The power of CBD is now available in our new aftercare spray. Formulated with all natural oils and compounds such as calendula and arnica, a high concentration of 250 milligrams per ounce of CBD has been added to ensure its healing effects.

So whether it’s a tribute, statement or just a whim, look to HEMPTATTY to protect your time and investment. Insist on using HEMPTATTY on your next project. Suggest that your artist apply HEMPTATTY before he starts to reduce the inflammation and bleeding. You will both be relieved.

In old art, CBD can also be applied to soften the skin and has been seen to pull the ink forward and freshen up a tattoo. Consider HEMPTATTY’s all natural REVIVE for periodic maintenance.

Working with Tattoo Artists, Hemptatty has created a system of specially formulated products that enhance the interaction for both the artist and canvas. With the use of our Tattoo Wash, Inkers Ointment and Tattoo Relief, longer application times have been comfortably obtained.

Our convenient Aftercare Kit of Wash, Relief and Revive encourages a safe recovery by reducing the pain and quickly sealing.

Tattoos are a lasting journal. Let Hemptatty help you along the way as you create your story.

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” ― Johnny Depp


The preferred solution for post and aftercare tattoo protection. Experience the extraordinary healing properties of CBD and Hemptatty Tattoo Relief.


Consider Hemptatty Revive for the long term care of your new and old art.  CBD is rich in vitamins A & E to keep your art hydrated and fresh.


This kit contains the three most important products for skin and tattoo safety and healing.

Wash – Relieve – Revive


Our TATTOO WASH has been specially formulated for a soft cleansing of your art and create a sanitized environment for healing.


Inkers ointment is designed to apply just before tattooing to help reduce inflammation and bleeding. The unique properties of CBD may also reduce the pain in the application. Ask your artist if they use Inkers Ointment.

If they don’t, bring your own and insist they do!.


Sized for those little “punctuation” tattoo’s or cosmetic enhancements, the Mini brings the same  extraordinary properties of CBD. Receive all the protection found in our full sized Hemptatty Tattoo Relief.

If you’re nervous about getting your first tattoo, or your second, or your third, you’re not alone. It’s perfectly normal to have pre-tattoo worries—after all, it’s permanent and can obviously cause pain. CBD can help with this also. Taken a half hour before the start, CBD can help lower your angst and possibly lower your pain threshold. Consider taking a dose of an all natural CBD tincture to take the edge off.

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